Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Confimation

Hey hey everybody!

So first of all, got some birthday shoutouts to do that I couldn´t do last week and that are coming this week.  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO...
Great Grandpa!
Uncle Matt!
Aunt Jody!
Jabba Jake!
Love you guys and hope it was/will be great!

Now, Rick and Cindy, I have a job for you.  There´s a guy here in Asunción that makes special custom leather scripture cases.  I need you guys to find out about Bryce´s scriptures he´ll be using in the field so I can get him some cases made.  What size will they be (other than standard, if they´re extra small or the old guy big kind) and if it´s a quad or the bible and a triple combination.  If you could have my parents email me the info (or you guys can email it to me) then I can get some made for him.  When they´re done I´ll send them to your house and you can send them to him, or you can send me the address to his mission home when you get it and I can send it straight to him.  Up to you!

Side note before I forget - this is my new email:

Mom and Dad, I need you in your next package you send me or just in a little envelope or something to send me some pictures of you guys and the family.  Just a little paper photo album, small and compact and cheap, that I can carry around to show the members and investigators we visit.  Nothing like with the hard covers and everything, just like a 2 dollar plastic one you can buy or something.  Don´t know why, but everybody LOVES to see the pictures of the family of the missionaries.  So if you could put together an inexpensive photo album thing and get it to me when you can, that would be great!

So about 2 weeks ago we had a baptism of a girl they were teaching before I got here.  Her name is Cristina, and her husband got baptized a few months ago.  One of her friends in the ward baptized her, but I got to confirm her.  My first confirmation I´ve ever done!  It was really cool.  Looking forward to a few baptisms here just after general conference we might have.  I´ll keep you posted.

Changes came last week and both Elder Laughter and I are still here in Lucerito (that´s why I didn´t write last Monday, we had changes).  You know how sometimes we do divisions with other Elders for a day?  Well the assistants to the president came to Lucerito on Friday and we did divisions with them for 3 days straight haha.  It was so awesome, I learned so much.  We worked way hard and found this golden family that we want to baptize the week of general conference.  We were the first ones they did divisions with this change, and it was sweet.  We did a lot of good work and I learned a whole lot.  Yesterday it rained worse than I saw even in Reno lol.  The streets were flooded to above our ankles.  We were soaked to the bone, it was so fun.  My camera was in my backpack, but I have no idea how it didn´t get soaked and ruined.  God loves me.  Next week I´ll be able to send some pictures again.  Also, Rick gave me a little booklet of scripture references that I love and use all the time to study, but it got ruined in the rain.  Boo.  If you guys could send me another, that would really help.  It´s called Rick´s Ready Reference.  You could ask him where he got it.  That would be a lot of help, thanks.

Well, time to go.  Love you guys so much and miss you all.

-Elder Moore

P.S. Bryce: 2 Nephi 31:19, Jacob 4:5, Enos 1:11  love you buddy!

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