Monday, July 25, 2011

Drink Up Of The Waters While I'm Standing At The Fountain

This is weird.  In 2 days, I will have 6 weeks left on my mission.  My group will be the oldest missionaries in Paraguay (besides President and Hermana Callan).  We´re on deck for going home.  Freaks me out.  Don´t like to think about it.

Hermana Callan is actually going home this week for 2 weeks.  Their youngest 2 daughters are getting married both within those 2 weeks, and they´re the last two of the Callan children to get married, so she gets to go home for that.  There are also 5 birthdays in those two weeks, 2 grandchildren to meet that they haven´t met before, and one of those little ones is getting blessed in church one of the 2 Sundays.  So she´ll be busy!  She told me that there are some missionaries who have already gone home that are going to be there too, so that will be neat.  I don´t know how it works, if she´s on an authorized 2 week release, or she´s still on missionary duties or what, but she gets to go home.  She´s really excited, so that will be good for her.

We had a really good lesson with the family - Pedro and Sonia - who we are trying to get baptized and married.  We had planned on going there to watch the Restoration video with them, but we got there and they had

Monday, July 18, 2011

God Has Called A Prophet

Hello family!

Just a quick thank you, it is always so nice to get letters from people, so thank you to everyone who writes me whether it be every week or every few months.  I apologize if any of you haven´t heard from me in a while - I´ve been really busy, but last week I sent out a pack of 5 or 6 letters.  I´m sending out my last ones this and next week.  If anyone gets one from me from here on out, unless there´s a way to get it to me before September 8th, send me a message on <> .  Put in "Elder Timothy Moore" for the missionary, and "Paraguay Asunción Mission" for mission, and it will get to me in about 2 weeks.  Thanks!

First of all, I would like to send a special message to Boyd Erickson and Brett Jenkins and their families.  Know that you are in my prayers and I´m praying for the quick and complete recovery of these two great men who I rather love, and for the comfort and consolation of their families through their prayers and through the ward

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Doing Our Paraguay Thing

Hello my family!

Not much to report on this week.  We´re moving right along.  Mostly we´re working with a new member in our ward who moved here from Asunción - Hermano Nappa.  He´s a champ, he helps us so much.  We´re teaching his employee named Lili, and it´s going just great.  She should be getting baptized here in 2 weeks or so.  She came to church yesterday, so it was a great start.

Really short on time this week, sorry to disappoint!  President Callan is coming here to Encarnación to do interviews with some other missionaries today, and they´re doing it here in our chapel so we have to go open it up for him.  My comp is well, I´m well, and we´re just doing our Paraguay thing.  Love and miss you all!

-Élder Moore

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pride and A Bike Ride

Shoot off some fireworks for me!  God bless America!

So, this week has been one of the worst of my mission in terms of success.  Haha.  Man, sometimes when you´re on the floor, life has no mercy for ya and keeps pushing you down when you try to get up haha.  It was kind of funny the amount of unfortunate events that have happened this week.  But, the work goes on and I´m not sad or discouraged.  I´ve learned that from my mission and from President Hinckley.  Even in the worst of circumstances, he never got discouraged.  When people asked him about a tough situation, his replies were often (with a smile): "things will work out" and "oh, the Lord will know what to do with that".  That is great faith to me, and I´m trying to develop it likewise.  Two people together can do anything, as long as one of them is God.  There´s no jam I can´t get out of or no problem I can´t fix when I have the Lord´s help.  I´ve personally experienced that on my mission, and I know it will be the same this time.  It all depends on me.