Monday, April 26, 2010

Faith To Move Mountains

Hey everyone!

Another week down.  Well, half a week this time haha.  This week has been good.  We´re working hard, Elder Silva and I.  I don´t remember what I said in the last email about him haha, so here´s a little bit more.  He´s from Costa Rica, which is different.  Nice to get to know somebody not from Paraguay, Utah, Uruguay, or Argentina lol.  He has 14 months in the mission, so he´s on the downhill slope.  He´s a hard worker, but not serious and rigid so that´s a good thing.  Really nice guy, pretty funny too.  We get along well.  Yenno how we live the 4 of us in our house, us two and Elders Alvarez and Freeman?  Well Elder Silva was companions with Elder Alvarez a while back, so they´re living in the same house again haha.  They are good friends, so that´s kinda cool they already know each other.  We´re doing well - working hard and going strong.

As for people to teach, pickings are slim right now.  Haha.  Happens sometimes.  We´re spending a lot of time looking for new people, which is alright.  Some days are really good and we find a lot, and some days like yesterday we don´t even get into 1 house haha.  It´s fun to see what´s going to happen every day.  It doesn´t bother me when we don´t get into houses or have many to teach.  I know as long as I´m doing my personal best and working hard, I´m doing what I´m supposed to be doing and the Lord is happy.  We have one guy with a baptism date for May 14th.  His name is German (like Herman in english lol) and he came to church with us yesterday so that was good.  Seems pretty promising as of right now, but anything could happen.  It´s Paraguay, after all haha.  We´ll just keep teaching and praying.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Companion, Elder Silva

Hey everyone!

So not much time, only about 10 minutes left, so I´ll be quick.  It´s because I was picking out all these pictures to send!

First things first, we had changes this week.  I´m still in Lucerito, no surprise there.  But Elder Laughter got changed!  He is now in Zone 5 Area Ka´aguy Rory (don´t even try to pronounce it lol).  He was district leader here, and he got bumped up to zone leader!  What a stud.  Nobody else in our district got changed.  My new companion is Elder Silva.  He´s from Costa Rica.  Pretty sweet, huh?  He´s really cool, really tranquilo.  Solid missionary too.  We should do well together.

I don´t know if I´ve already said this, but I didn´t ever get Bishop Leavitt´s package :(.  Bummer.  If he´s sent any letters too, I haven´t gotten those either.  But I did get your 2 packages and the package from Gaga and Papa.  Thank you all so much!  I´m gonna eat so well hahah.  The best part were the pictures though, thank you guys!  I have been showing off my family to everyone now =P.  I love it, thanks!

Sheesh, already out of time, still have to write President Callan.  But I hope everyone enjoys the pictures!  I´ll try to start taking more.  Love and miss you all!

-Elder Moore

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rules are Rules, Follow Them:)

Hey everyone!  So not much time this week either, just a few quick notes for everyone and next week I´ll put in something really sweet that I learned.

First, changes are next week - how quickly they´ve come!  So that means my P-day will be on Thursday, and you´ll get an email with everything that happened next week on Thursday instead of Monday like usual.

Second, we got a list of revised rules from President Callan.  As of now, only my family is allowed to send me emails.  My parents, brothers, and grandparents.  Anybody else who wants to communicate with me, please send me Dear Elders or letters.  Dear Elders really are better for me anyway for those who are not family, I have more time to read those and they´re more convenient for me.  Sorry if it´s an inconvenience, but rules are rules!  Follow them :)

Also, something crazy that I just realized is that I´ll be calling home in about a month.  Whaa?  I just called home last week at Christmas time!  Way excited for that :)  Mother´s Day!

Lastly...I have pictures!  We changed our email system, so I can attach more than 3 pictures at a time now.  Exciting!  Enjoy :)

Love and miss you all,
-Elder Moore

Monday, April 5, 2010

We ate Duck and Crocodile! Tastes Like Chicken!

Hey everyone!

Not much time this week, we had to figure out how to write our letters to President Callan with the new system we´re using so that took some time to set that up.  But a few quick things so you´ll have something at least.

First, conference was sweet!  We didn´t get to go to the first saturday session because you have to bring investigators to go, but all the other ones we went to.  Saturday we watched all in Spanish, and Sunday they set up a room for us missionaries to listen in English hahah so that was cool.  Some really good talks, I loved it.

People are naturally good I´ve learned.  We took this 8 year old kid and his brother to one of the conference sessions with us.  They have a rough life.  Not very well off financially in the family, live with their grandma and a few other relatives, and everyone just yells at each other.  The 12 year old is Luis, and he got baptized a few months before I got here.  His little brother Kevin is 8, and he is usually bouncing off the walls.  Seriously, he is so crazy.  I´ve never seen a kid with more energy than this little guy, he´s seriously nuts.  But we were at conference, and he got hungry so we walked out and bought him some cookies (it was the saturday session, don´t worry =P).  Well he saved like 3 cookies, and was holding them very tightly like protecting him.  I asked him "Kevin aren´t you going to eat those too?" and he looks at me and smiles real big and says "Nope, I´m going to save them for my grandma.  She loves these."  It was just really cool to me that this little 8 year old wild child who was so hungry and begging us to get him some food would still think about his grandma and want to do something nice for her.