Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jar of Flee's

Hey everyone - sorry I didn´t write yesterday.  We had zone conference, so our P-day moved to today.  Zone conference was INCREDIBLE, which I´ll talk about in a minute.  Reminder - next week is changes, so email will be on Thursday.  Oh, the suspense kills me!

Julie´s package.  Juliebear, I got your package with the letters, pictures, and candy.  Thank you so much!  My face just lit up to see my awesome aunt Julie and uncle Cliff.  Madisen looks way older now...kinda freaked me out.  Haha.  And Jabba is a monster, holy cow!  He´s big now!  (Well, he was always a tank, but you get the point.)  He has teeth and some more hair and everything.  I bet the little guy just runs around all day and will be jabbering up a storm in no time.  Thanks so much for sending that :)

Cindy - Haha, I´m sorry time isn´t flying yet.  I can tell you that the end definitely goes faster than the beginning.  I felt like I was in my first area for a year when really it was 4 months.  Now I have the same amount of time in this area that I´m in now, and it feels like 2 weeks.  Time goes much faster the farther into the mission you are.  Stick it out, keep those prayers going :).  I can relate to Elder Teshima at the moment haha.  Things are slow here the past few weeks.  Picking up very slowly and with a lot of hard work.  Wew just keep chugging along.  And thank you for finding out that information for me!  Next week when I find out if I stay or go to a new area, I´ll get his scripture cases ordered.  It seems from his emails like he is doing

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Mouse in the House!

Wow, we´re halfway through May already.  I feel like I start out every email talking about the time haha.  It sure goes quick.  I got to my current area in February, and already it´s almost been 3 months.  Sure doesn´t feel like it.

Today we had a Zone Activity.  It was a lot of fun.  We all met in the stake center at 8am (there´s about 20 missionaries in this zone).  We studied for an hour and then we did 2 activities.  The first one was a lot of fun.  During last week, everyone had to call the zone leaders and tell them one interesting fact about themselves.  Mine was my high school swimming record.  Today they read all the interesting facts one by one and we had to guess who had which fact.  It was fun, and some were funny.  One of the Elders had his first kiss when he was 14 - the girl he kissed was 26 hahah.  One Elder slept with a night-light until the day before his mission haha.  Funny stuff like that, it was fun.  Then we were going to watch a video, but the DVD player wasn´t working, so they had planned a Jeopardy game ready in case that happened, so we played that.  Our district won!  It was fun as well.  Then the zone leaders shared a spiritual thought and we all left.  We were going to play soccer, but it´s raining, so we scratched that idea.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Just Waiting for the Prophet to Come!

Happy birthday shoutouts from Paraguay to my May birthday people: Jeff (recently promoted to "Mister" haha), Jordan, Justin, Nana, and Ben!!  Enjoy another year closer to death!  Hahaha love you all.

Ok mom, my shirt size is 16 1/2.  A few white shirts would be nice for the next package.  Now, no need to zip off to the store and hurry and get me a package together haha.  Just wait until you´re ready to send the next one and throw a few white shirts in there.  It´s expensive to send a package from there to here, and there´s better things you can spend your money on.  Put it in my car or school savings, even if its only like $50 or something.  I´d be willing to sacrifice receiving packages here in order to have some money saved up for a car or schooling when I get home.

Yesterday (for those of you who don´t know) I got to call home again!  The second of 4 phone calls I get on my mission.  Crazy, I´ve done half of them already.  Next time I call home, I´ll have a year and almost 4 months in my mission!  That is insane, I can´t believe it.  Time really goes so quickly here.  I still feel new.  My companion who has only 8 months to go still feels new.  It´s just how the mission goes I guess.  But yeah, it was good to talk to home and the family again.  I´m doing well, working hard, and happy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Waffles and Home Made Syrup!

So I was thinking, when this change is done and then one more, I´ll have a YEAR in my mission!!  How crazy is that?  I can´t believe it´s that close already.  Yikes!

Ok, so really I have like 5 minutes haha.  I had to get everything situated with my phone call home for Mother´s Day on Monday so that took a while.  But not much to say anyways this week haha.

Last night, we went to the Benitez family´s house and they made waffles and home made maple syrup for us (2 things very uncommon in Paraguay).  I about died in my seat.  SO good.  And in the packages I got from everyone, I ate the mac ´n cheese already.  Oh boy......sweet sweet heaven in my mouth.  I loved it haha.  Paraguay food is good, and I still like it more and more with the passing time, but there´s just no food like American.

Mom, in your package, you sent a bunch of pencils and stickers.  I gave them to the Primary teacher (sister Benitez), and let me tell you....they freaked out.  The kids LOVED them!!  The adults were even asking for them hahah.  They were all so fascinated by the pencils that said that, "There´s nothing like that here in Paraguay!".  Sister Benitez teaches seminary too, and she had enough to give pencils to her seminary class, and they as well freaked out haha.  They were very much appreciated, and they said to tell you from Lucerito´s primary and seminary classes "Thank you Elder Moore´s mom!!" haha.  Loved it.