Thursday, June 3, 2010

District Leader..Oh Boy! Guarambare

Ok so Mom sent me some pictures of Chris´s wedding, and I have to say...I have the coolest (and best looking) family in the entire world haha.  Oh man, it was so good to see the whole family in a picture.  Mom, Dad, and my 3 Moore boy brothers.  That´s the way the Moores do things ;).

Chris and Christy - congratulations!  I wish you the absolute best.  Be happy!  I am :)

Ok so what you´ve all been waiting for: changes.  Yes, I´ve been sent to a new area.  It´s called Guarambaré.  I´m in zone 6A now (this zone has 6A and 6B - I have no idea why it´s split haha).  Yes (obviously) I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Alexander.  He´s been in this area for 2 changes, so he knows it well.  But that is not all...I got bumped up to senior companion.  BUT!  That is not all...I´m also now a district leader!  Holy cow, I never even THOUGHT that was going to happen.  I still feel new!!  I´ll explain more about each new thing.

Guarambaré.  It´s a big area.  We live in the city-ish part right in the middle of the area.  It reminds me of a mix between an old western town and one of those little towns you drive through and stop for gas on a road trip haha.  I wouldn´t really call it campo yet (open empty field).  But once you reach the city limits, it is literally on one side of the road is houses and stuff and the other side is HUUUGE wide open field that is also part of our

area.  We work mainly in the city part, which is divided into 4 main neighborhoods - Felsin, Colón, San Miguel, and Alegre.  There are a lot of investigators here that they´ve been teaching, so finally I´m expecting some success.  The two changes that Elder Alexander has been here, he has had 5 baptisms which is just awesome.  But it´s a rama (branch), not a ward.  There is about 30 people on average that come to church every week, and our branch president lives in another area about 40 minutes away so we can´t work much with him.  But it still seems really promising, I´m way excited.  I´ll let you know on how things unfold.

Elder Alexander.  He is from Wyoming (yay for not being from Utah! haha everybody´s from Utah!).  Guarambaré is his first area, so the 2 changes he´s been here are his only changes in the mission.  He´s relatively new then, but he´s great.  He is so cheery and likes to talk to people.  It´s easy to teach somebody how to teach, it´s not easy to teach them how to be happy, so I´m glad I don´t have to worry about that haha.  We get along really well the whole day and a half that we´ve been together haha.  I´m really stoked, I think together we´ll see a lot of success and work really well.

District Leader.  Oh boy.  I´m really excited, but at the same time, I´m terrified haha.  The Lord has a lot more confidence in me than I have in myself lol.  I´m still new!  I don´t know what I´m doing!  I have so much responsibility now haha.  I have 8 missionaries in my district (including myself).  The zone leaders are in my district, but I know them both very well and they´re great missionaries and friends so that will help me a lot.  We had a meeting with them this morning so they could train me a bit, and they said they´ll be doing divisions with me every other week so that will help.  I have to do divisions with somebody in my district at least once a week.  I´m the one who the missionaries call every other night to report their numbers (how many lessons with member, other lessons, etc) that I pass on to the zone leaders.  I have to run district meetings every Tuesday and teach the lesson.  I´m just all-around in charge of the district.  I don´t know what I´m doing!  Haha.  I also have to do the interviews for investigators to see if they´re ready to be baptized or not - scary!  That is a huge responsibility.  Yesterday when I got to my area, the zone leaders called me to welcome me, and at the end they were like "oh by the way, tomorrow night we´ll need you to do a baptism interview at 6" so I have to do that in about an hour.  I don´t know how to do that!  Good gracious.  Haha.  The success or failure of the district is on my shoulders.  Needless to say, I´ve done a lot of praying and learning how to really rely on Heavenly Father in this past day.  Believe it or not though, I have already felt the increased Spirit necessary for my new responsibilities.  I feel the Spirit more strongly during the day, and I know that out of the 180 missionaries in this mission, Heavenly Father chose me to be district leader of this district.  And if He chose me, I can do it - He wouldn´t call me if I couldn´t.  I´ll keep you all posted on how things are going.

Until next week!  Two people together can do anything, as long as 1 of them is God.  Love and miss you all.

-Elder Moore

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