Monday, July 5, 2010

"Original Sin" of Adam

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!  Well...yesterday :)

So, this week isn´t going to be long.  Because I had to figure out how to shrink the PICTURES I´m sending to be able to get them all to you!  Let the shouting for joy commence.

Yesterday night we were going to have a barbecue in our house (we bought ribs and made french fries!!), but district leader duties took the whole night until 10 minutes before bed, so we didn´t get to eat it :(.  But today we shall enjoy the USA festivities!!  I can´t believe I have 10 months in my mission now.  How time flies, and how it´s only going to get faster.  When you´re on the uphill, you have to push.  When you get to the top and start the downhill, you start chasing after it trying to make sure it doesn´t get away.

We´ve been having some pretty good success lately.  We´ve found some good people to teach through some really cool experiences..  We´ve also had a lot of people who aren´t ready for baptism yet be dropped for future missionaries when the Lord has fully prepared them.  Mari and Evelin are doing well - they were both confirmed and seem to love church.  I´m really happy that my first real converts seem to be doing well.  Not much time, I only have a few minutes until my hour is up so I´ll get to Article of Faith number 2!

"We believe that man will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam´s transgression."
This one is really easy for me to believe.  Both logic and prophetic discourse support this fundamental doctrinal principle.  It´s one of my personal favorites to talk and explain about, but because of time restrictions, I must keep it shorter.  Maybe I´ll add a quick follow-up to next week´s email.  Ok, so.  God is just and fair.  Imagine this.  The police show up at your house one day and tell you that you and your entire family are under arrest for something your great great grandfather did 130 years ago.  You didn´t know him - he died before you were born.  Your parents had nothing to do with the offense and were hundreds of miles away when it was committed.  But you are still condemned and carried to jail because he was your ancestor and you have his blood in you.  Doesn´t that sound just silly?  Some beliefs profess that every human being is born with an "original sin" of Adam.  How is God going to punish us for something somebody else did?  Let alone the fact that what Adam did was necessary and part of the plan of God.  God will not punish us for things that other people do.  Agency is essentially the difference between the plan of Christ and the plan of Satan.  He would not punish us because somebody else used their agency.  I´m out of time right now, but I´ll definitely repass this one next week along with Article of Faith number 3.


1 - Me and this little kid José Mora.  Fun little guy.
2 - This was the sign a construction company had put up near the street they were working on, but we thought it would apply to us.  Translation:  "Sorry for the inconvenience.  We are working for your comfortability."
3 - Big pig.  REALLY big.
4 - Me with big pig.
5 - Elder Alexander with big pig.
6 - Me with the old 70s-style plack we had on the church wall outside.
7 - Me again, but this time notice the halo ;)
8 - Me, Angel, Evelin (who got baptized), Kevin the little kid, Mari (the mom who got baptized), and Elder Alexander

Love and miss you all.
-Elder Moore

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