Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Christmas Letter From Paraguay - I'll Be Home For the Next One

So, next week will be the last email I send you guys in 2010!  Christmas is on Saturday, and guess what?  Instead of just calling home, we can use Skype video chat!!!  I am seriously beyond excited, I might just die for a second or 2.  I´m so excited to be able to see faces and hear voices this Saturday.  I wanted to write something that I learned this week, but I spent all my time uploading pictures and making my Skype account so it will wait until next week.  It has to do with a study I did on the prophet Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  You´re going to love it.  There is SO much to learn from that.  I´ll type it all out next week.

Oh you best BELIEVE that I was Santa Claus again this year baby!  Both times for Christmas on the mission Elder Moore was Santa Claus hahah.  The pics are attached.  Like last year, today we went singing in a hospital.  They just loved it.  The looks on those kids´ faces to see Papá Noel walking in was just one of those warm fuzzy moments that you´ll never forget.  There was this one little girl, just like barely 2 years old, and the poor thing had an IV in her hand and it hurt her so she was screaming when we walked in.  But I went over to her and
gave her candies and she stopped crying, but when I went to visit the other kids she cried, so I went back to her and she stopped haha, it was awesome.  I won´t write descriptions, they´re pretty self-explanatory.  But the one where the little boy is laying on the bed pointing at me is because he said that my belly was fake!  How rude!  Haha he was the only one who noticed though.  Oh, and as you probably noticed, Hermana Sargent was there :) so it was a lot of fun. Good day today.

Here are some more pictures.  I didn´t think they would all fit in one email so here´s the second one with more.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I´ll be home for the next one!  Love you all.

Elder Moore

P.S. Aunt Julie and Uncle Cliff, you guys better be there too on Saturday to talk to me with everyone else!  Me hacen mucha falta.

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