Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Got My Trunkie Papers!! (Going Home Papers)

Lizzy Soulfriend!  I got your Dear Elder, thank you!  I haven´t written because I lost your Georgia address, I´m sorry!  But now that I have it from the Dear Elder, I´m writing you today without exception :)

This week was changes, and Elder Caicedo left already!  The same thing has happened to me that has happened to Elder Pierce.  The only time I´ve been with one companion for more than a change and a half was with my trainer for 2 and a half changes.  I don´t know if it´s a good thing or a bad thing haha, but I´ve convinced myself that it´s good :).  Elder Caicedo went to Yuty (basically way way far away), and I´m still here in Obrero.  My 4th change here, but I don´t mind.  I like it now, and I know that it is the Lord´s plan.  Helps me to know that if he kept me here, it´s because there´s somebody to baptize :)

My new companion is Elder Perales.  He´s from Peru, and a really good worker.  Kinda goofy, but he works incredibly efficiently.  I think we´re going to do a lot of work; he´s already got a lot of baptisms.  He has 1 year 4 months in the mission.  It is really weird to work with somebody who knows what they´re doing haha.  Of my last 5 companions, 4 have been my trainees and the other - Elder Avendaño - was relatively new (6 months in

the mission).  I like it haha.  He made a few suggestions, and it kind of took me by surprise, because when they´re new they don´t make any suggestions, they just follow like sheep to the shepherd.  I was like "whoa...MY companion just made an excellent suggestion...que purete!!" Haha.  I´m expecting a lot of success these 6 weeks.

Last week, I got my trunkie papers :(.  Trunkie papers are the papers you get when you´re an old man and are going home within the next 6 months.  I filled out my name, my bishop´s name, stake president´s name, which airport I want them to send me home to, all that kinda stuff.  Made me kinda sad.  My release date is September 8th 2011.  As soon as they book the flights, the mission will be emailing the flight information to my parents so dad can book the same flight home.  See you soon!

This week, because of all the craziness of changes and things like that, I didn´t really think of any doctrine or scripture or anything to talk about so this week will be short.  But next week I´ll come up with something!  I´m sure some of you welcome the breath of fresh air, all that doctrine I´ve been throwing your way.  It´s like being in the middle of a storm where it´s raining buses and it finally stops haha.  I love and miss you all!

-Elder Moore

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