Monday, July 18, 2011

God Has Called A Prophet

Hello family!

Just a quick thank you, it is always so nice to get letters from people, so thank you to everyone who writes me whether it be every week or every few months.  I apologize if any of you haven´t heard from me in a while - I´ve been really busy, but last week I sent out a pack of 5 or 6 letters.  I´m sending out my last ones this and next week.  If anyone gets one from me from here on out, unless there´s a way to get it to me before September 8th, send me a message on <> .  Put in "Elder Timothy Moore" for the missionary, and "Paraguay Asunción Mission" for mission, and it will get to me in about 2 weeks.  Thanks!

First of all, I would like to send a special message to Boyd Erickson and Brett Jenkins and their families.  Know that you are in my prayers and I´m praying for the quick and complete recovery of these two great men who I rather love, and for the comfort and consolation of their families through their prayers and through the ward
´s help.  The Lord is in control, so there is no need to worry.

This week, we taught a lesson to a few different investigators who have trouble believing in the Book of Mormon and in one single true church.  I don´t have the list of scriptures we used with me, so forgive me if I can´t give exact references.  It went something like this:

Throughout various dispensations of time, we have scriptural record of the Lord saying that it is necessary for us to believe and obey His word exactly, not adding to, taking away, or changing in any way thereof (as written in Deuteronomy 12:32, or maybe 37).  In His earthly ministry, the Savior taught that straight is the gate and narrow the way that leads to eternal life, and few are those that find it.  Through the great ancient Apostle Peter, we are informed in the last chapter of 2 Peter (one of the last verses) that many things that Paul has written (to say, more than half of the New Testament) are difficult to understand, and that many will not understand and will pervert the true meanings intended by the Lord.

The entire Christian world uses basically the same book of scripture, with few variations between groups, which is the Holy Bible.  It contains the word of God and His will for us.  However, very few groups (if any) are in agreement about what that sacred book really teaches, and there are countless interpretations of the same scripture - thus there are countless Christian religions, each based off its own belief of the correct interpretation of the teachings of the Bible.  Through Deuteronomy, we know that the Lord has one specific intended meaning for His word, not many.  For example, in the Bible there are quotes of Jesus saying that He and the Father are one.  Some say it is one in Being, some say it is one in purpose.  One of those has taken away from or added to or changed the intended interpretation (and the literal truth), which we know is not ok based on Deuteronomy and other scriptures in the Pauline epistles.  Which is correct, and how shall we know it?

Based on the scriptures, if the gate is straight, exact, and definied, and the way is narrow and distinguished that leads to eternal life (and might I add that WIDE is the path that leads to condemnation), how can it be that all paths lead to God?  How is one to suppose that all beliefs take us to God if all beliefs don´t even agree as to who God IS?  Jesus said "if ye love me, keep my commandments" along with a host of other scriptures that speak of the need of obedience to heavely law in order to remain in the love of the Lord and receive eternal life.  What ARE the commandments, then, that we need to follow?  Do we pray to Saints and the Virgin Mary, or directly to Jesus Christ Himself?  Do we believe and worship a God that is 3 Beings in 1, or 3 distinct and separate Personages?  Are we to be baptized by immersion or by sprinkling, and at what age?  Is it ok to drink "just a little bit" as long as you do not enebriate yourself, or are we to strictly abstain?  Different churches will give you different answers, and thus we are not all in agreement as to how exactly to enter into this straight gate and where to find it.

Though I may have many years of study (though taking into question the last paragraph, it is important to take into account through which source I seek out my studies) and come to understand many things, I do not have the right to prophecy or revelation unless given to me of God, and I´m going to misunderstand many things.  I have not the authority to say "Thus saith the Lord God" (Ezekiel 2:4), and am giving but a man´s interpretation when I read the scriptures.  It is true that scriptures have many APPLICATIONS, but INTERPRETATIONS there is only one.  It is more than unreasonable to think that I can go through the Bible and interpret it´s teachings without confusing or misinterpreting even one verse.  Peter was right, and not any ordinary man can understand all teachings of the scriptures if he has not the help of God.

There is a great need for modern prophets and modern revelation.  A prophet who has authority and power given him from God - such as Adam, Moses, Abraham, Isaiah, or Peter - can clear up these doctrinal problems for the world, for they receive the truth through pure revelation from the Lord Himself.  To put it simply, HE tells them how things really are.  To put it into a modern example, it would be like the prophet is the person that has God´s phone number, and if the world has a doctrinal problem or confusion, such prophet can call up God and ask Him to clear things up.  Then he can tell the world.  He can say "Thus saith the Lord", because literally the Lord will have said it.  The Lord reveals His truths and gives His authority to men through His chosen prophet.

Thus, it is important to know who really is the prophet.  The scriptures (especially the Old Testament) is chocked full of examples of those who claim to be prophets and speak the word of God (either with good intentions and true belief or otherwise).  If we can find out who really has that cell phone and who really can speak to God (because God chose him to do so), then we can know where to look for the true source of knowledge.  How can we know it then?  There is a nifty little book called the Book of Mormon that is evidence of a modern day prophets - well really, modern day prophetS (plural).  If you can find out if that book is true, you can and WILL know that there is a prophet, who that prophet is, and which church he has been set over to direct.  That basically solves all your questions as to the truth of things.  That is the message we bring as missionaries.  God has called a prophet.  He has cleared up confusion and misconception in the world, and you can know it.  Those who follow the prophet and his teachings follow the teachings of Christ.  Those who follow those teachings are baptized by His authority, and become members of His Church - the organization that has the truth and the power to practice and share it.  The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest message that ANYBODY can EVER hear in this life.  Why?  Because it shows you the straight gate and narrow way by which all men are to enter should they wish to end up in the presence of their God.  I invite all who read this to find out, and then to take action.  I know it´s true, and I know it will bless you in this life and in eternity.

Love and miss you all!  Happy July birthdays!

-Élder Moore

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