Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 more weeks!

Oh man, I just looked at all your pictures you sent me.  I miss you guys so much!  Man oh man, it was good to see you guys.  I'm so glad you had fun in Colorado.  Good job with that tri-pod pop!  How come you guys went to Colorado anyway?  Just a little get-away?  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Beckenridge sounds beautiful, we'll be sure to make a trip when I get home.  I miss you guys so much, I love you.

Thanks for Dr. Stacey's address!  I'll be sure to write them sometime.  Thanks for renewing my debit card too (it's good to be me, isn't it Dad?) lol.  By the way Nana, "lol" just means like I'm laughing or I thought something was funny.  I'll see about getting my driving record.  We don't have internet access except for email and to look up talks and things, but I know they make exceptions for specific things.  I'll see what I can do.

We get our travel plans today!!  When we get the mail after dinner, we'll have all our flight itineraries and stuff.  I am so excited, you have no idea.  I'll be sure to write you an extra letter so you can know what's going on and tell whoever wants to know lol.  It won't be an email though, just a letter so you'll get it in a few days.

We're back to the no hand shaking no touching anybody rule because of swine flu.  I thought it was a pretty dumb rule, and then one of the sisters in a district 3 classrooms down from us got quarantined because she got swine flu.  Yikes!

Elder Short's twin is going to Argentina Buenos Aires.  He leaves in about 7 weeks.  They're going through some rough times, because they were told they're not allowed to see each other unless they set up an appointment to do so through the District President.  It's kind of a bummer.  And then they found out that their parents are separating for a while, so it's just been rough all around for them.  Elder Short (my companion) will be in the field soon, so that will be good.  He hates the MTC, but he's excited to get to the field.

So we were talking to one of the sisters who works in the cafeteria, and turns out she just moved here from Paraguay 8 months ago!  Cool, right?  Her name is Karen, she moved down here to study at BYU.  She said it's so pretty there and people are nice.  Remember Casey Moore telling us about the other dialect people speak down there but he couldn't remember the name of it?  It's called Guarani.  It's not a dialect of Spanish, it's a whole new language that is incredibly different from Spanish (we found Guarani copies of the Book of Mormon in the book store and looked through them).  Karen said about 90% of the population there speaks Guarani as well as Spanish, so we definitely should learn it.  I'm way excited for that.  I'll know 3 languages by the time I get home!

Hermana Denker is doing much better.  She gets her fair share of letters now, and keeps a good attitude.  You can keep writing her though if you'd like, I know she enjoys it and you make her laugh.  You guys are cool :].  She taught us all how to sew on buttons and stuff yesterday, so that's pretty neat.  I'm all domestic now and stuff.  Crazy.

Oma and Opa:  Hola!  Muchas gracias por su carta para me en español!  Me gusté mucho.  Está muy bueno para escuchar a ustedes.  Yo les extraño mucho y no les espero ver cuando yo regreso a hogar.  Les amo mucho mucho mucho!  Me escriban más por favor cuando yo estoy en Paraguay.  Mis padres tienen mi dirección.  Ciao Ciao!

Next week will be my last email coming from the MTC!  Time sure did fly by here.  I'm sure it will be even faster once I'm out in the field teaching people and everything.  I'll be home in no time.  Dear Elder does a great job of getting all your messages to me.  I'm getting them all and on time, so it's really nice.  Thanks (and thanks to everybody who writes me as well) for keeping me in your thoughts and writing me.  It really makes things easier hearing from you every day.

Next week is our teaching week and all-Spanish week.  We speak Spanish the entire week (as crazy as it sounds, we're pretty darn good now lol).  Instead of classes, we schedule appointments with other missionaries and teachers and stuff and practice teaching them the lessons.  It's a prep for being out in the field, because that's all we'll be doing in the field anyway.  I'm excited, next week both my Spanish and my teaching skills will seriously sharpen up because that's all I'll be doing for that week.  I'm excited.

Papa Bear, that's cool about what you're learning about the book of Moses.  I like that Book and the information in there.  Moses is a fascinating read, his whole life is.  I'm starting to study on the 12 tribes of Israel and their scattering (like the lesson President Teshima gave us from Jacob 5 and the allegory of the olive tree).  Just like Moses knew that he was going to be doing with the children of Israel and where he would end up, so do we have that knowledge of where we'll end up.  We know that as long as we're doing what's right and doing our best to live the Gospel, we know we're headed for the celestial kingdom.  This knowledge influences our every decision - when we base our actions and choices on how effectively they advance us towards the celestial kingdom, we can never go wrong.  Whenever we're faced with adversity, we know our destination and the final outcome, we just need to overcome the obstacle present in order to get there.  It makes it easier to get over the wall if we know what's on the other side.

That's my little spiritual thought for the week.  1:05 left, so I'll wrap it up.  I love you and miss you so much, and I can't wait to be able to call you at the airport.  I can call at each American airport, so I'll let you know.  Until next week!

Elder Moore

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