Thursday, October 29, 2009

My last MTC email

Well, its my last week in the MTC!  Time has just blazed by.

I got my debit card, thank you so much!  The Hermanas said that my old card should still work until it expires.  I'll try them both and see what happens.  Thanks again.  I didn't get the Halloween package yet, so I don't know if I'll get it before I leave?  I hope so.  I also loved the pictures from last week!  I'm so glad I got them, send me pictures any time.  I was starting to forget what you guys looked like!  Haha kidding.

I got my travel plans last friday!  We're flying Delta, bleh.  They charge $50 for a second bag regardless of weight, its like $150 bucks for overweight luggage, and I only get one carry-on I beleive.  Not cool, Delta.  Not cool.  Anyway, here it is!
Salt Lake -> Atlanta:  8:30am - 2:13pm
Atlanta -> Buenos Aires, Argentina:  6:40pm - 7:50am
Buenos Aires -> Asuncion:  9:40am - 10:20am
Yes we have a 4 hour layover in Atlanta and yes that's a 13 hour flight haha.  Though I'm not sure if they take into account the time differences?  Because Asuncion is like 3 or 4 hours ahead of Provo, so it may only be 10 hours.  No idea.  But yeah, so we leave the MTC at 5:00am so if we have time after we check in and everything before our first flight I'll definitely call you.  And expect a call for sure anywhere between 2:30 and 6:00 or so, sorry I can't be more specific.  I'm excited to get to talk to you though!!  Also, I'm the travel leader for the 9 of us going to Paraguay.  Apparently somebody is foolish enough to trust me with getting 9 people to Paraguay in one piece lol.  Its not really any extra responsibility per se, I just make sure everybody is here and accounted for and have all the numbers to call and information for what to do should anything go wrong.  Pretty cool I guess.

You don't have to both be home, by the way.  If you need to work or be at the Ritz, I can call you there and at home or if you're both there or whatever.  Just let me know by Friday in a Dear Elder.  Btw, anybody who sends me Dear Elders, make sure your last one is in by just before 11am on Friday morning, because I won't get them after that.  They don't deliver on Saturday or Sunday, the deadline to have them sent the day of is 11am, and I'll be gone Monday morning so I won't get them.  Just a heads up.

Anywho, you guys are going paint crazy at home it sounds like.  Might as well just pick up our house, move it somewhere else, and bring in a whole new one to put in it's place!  Haha.  And it snowed for the first time here this past Monday!  Reminds me of Reno.  I love the snow.  Oh, and we had Elder L. Tom Perry for the Devotional speaker this past Tuesday.  It was pretty awesome.  We're a lucky group, we got to see 2 apostles in our time at the MTC.

That sounds like a fun little trip you have planned with Matt and Kari about the I-15 temple trip!  You'll enjoy that a lot if you decide to do it.  The dive trip should be a blast too, I KNOW you'll like that haha.

That's great Sister Tresner is still wanting to go on a mission!  Tell her this Sunday that I said to go for it.  It's one of the greatest things she'll ever do.  Give her my email address ( and have her write me, we'll talk more about it.

Oh!  Do you remember me telling you about Karen, the girl from Paraguay that we met who works here?  Apparently she was in September's Ensign lol, we didn't even know until Elder Steren's mom wrote him back about her saying she saw an article in last month's Ensign about a family from Paraguay with the name Karen in it.  Sure enough, I looked it up online this morning and it's the same Karen haha.  Small world, huh?  Thought that was pretty cool.  The story is called "One Family's Heratige of Service" or something like that.  Pretty sweet.

Mom, sorry, but I don't have a copy of my farewell talk anywhere.  I didn't write it down word for word, I just made little notes and talked about them.  I can't remember if I saved those notes on the computer though.  Have Dad go on my laptop and open up Word and look for a file possibly called "Farewell Talk" or something like that, see if you can find anything.  It will be good to fire it up every once and a while anyway.  And don't be worried about me going to Paraguay!  It's far away, yeah, but it's where I'm supposed to go.  The Lord takes care of His missionaries, remember?  We'll be just fine :]

As has become my habit, here's my little spiritual thought for the week.  I was thinking about the Restoration and what a marvelous thing it was.  It was by any standards an incredible miracle.  It was the first time in the history of the world that both God the Father and Jesus Christ have appeared on the earth at the same time, let alone to a 14 year old boy.  There have been instances where Christ was on the earth and Heavenly Father's voice was heard, but never have they been here at the same time.  However, as much of a miracle as it was, it was a logical miracle.  Here's 3 reasons why that is:

God reveals His will through prophets.  That's how it's always been.  God calls a prophet, the people listen and live righteously, they fall away, and when they're ready God calls a new prophet.  He uses prophets to reveal His will.  During the great apostacy, there were no prophets on the earth.  It makes perfect sense that God would have to call one in the way He did to restore His gospel to the earth.

The period of time in secular history that corresponds with the great apostacy is called the Dark Ages, a period of no progression.  AFter the restoration, the world progressed again.

The location was the other reason.  No time though, I'll explain later.  Til Paraguay!!

Elder Moore

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