Monday, May 17, 2010

A Mouse in the House!

Wow, we´re halfway through May already.  I feel like I start out every email talking about the time haha.  It sure goes quick.  I got to my current area in February, and already it´s almost been 3 months.  Sure doesn´t feel like it.

Today we had a Zone Activity.  It was a lot of fun.  We all met in the stake center at 8am (there´s about 20 missionaries in this zone).  We studied for an hour and then we did 2 activities.  The first one was a lot of fun.  During last week, everyone had to call the zone leaders and tell them one interesting fact about themselves.  Mine was my high school swimming record.  Today they read all the interesting facts one by one and we had to guess who had which fact.  It was fun, and some were funny.  One of the Elders had his first kiss when he was 14 - the girl he kissed was 26 hahah.  One Elder slept with a night-light until the day before his mission haha.  Funny stuff like that, it was fun.  Then we were going to watch a video, but the DVD player wasn´t working, so they had planned a Jeopardy game ready in case that happened, so we played that.  Our district won!  It was fun as well.  Then the zone leaders shared a spiritual thought and we all left.  We were going to play soccer, but it´s raining, so we scratched that idea.

It´s been raining a lot here this past week.  And the rain kills the work, unfortunately.  Usually we have about 65 members in church every Sunday.  Well yesterday it rained, and we had 13.  Haha.  Paraguayans just plain don´t like the rain.  When it rains, the city shuts down.  It makes it hard to find people because there is literally nobody on the streets and when we clap houses nobody wants to come out and talk to you!  We´ll figure something out.

This week we had our once-a-change interviews with President Callan.  It was good, normal stuff.  He´s a busy guy haha.  Next week is zone conference, so I´m excited for that.  We bought zone shirts too.  They´re like soccer jersey styled.  They have our last names on the back, a number that we picked (B, you´ll be happy to know that I picked number 1 haha), and the last names of everybody in the zone with some designs on it.  Should be sweet!  I´ll take a picture when we get them and send it in the next email.

OH!  Also I had an idea come to me this morning.  I didn´t have time to do it, but I´ll have it ready for next week.  I´m going to email you guys something, I hope you can open it.  By the way, next Monday will be the last Monday this change for emails - the week after next is changes so it will come on Thursday.  Just a heads up.

Not much else this week.  We did do a little bit of hunting this week.  We have a mouse in the house haha.  Just a little guy.  We saw him a few weeks ago, but he disappeared after that.  Then on Wednesday we saw him again.  We were chasing it around with a knife and pans to kill it hahaha, it was funny.  But we didn´t catch it.  We bought some traps and put them out, but still no luck.  Haven´t seen it since though, seems like it comes and goes every once in a while.  The other missionaries say they´ve all had mice or rats in their apartments at one point or another.  I´ll let you know if we catch the little guy.  Maybe we´ll cook it, I dunno.  Hahaha, no, kidding.  I´m not quite Paraguayan enough for that.

Until next week!  Love and miss you all.

-Elder Moore

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