Monday, May 3, 2010

Waffles and Home Made Syrup!

So I was thinking, when this change is done and then one more, I´ll have a YEAR in my mission!!  How crazy is that?  I can´t believe it´s that close already.  Yikes!

Ok, so really I have like 5 minutes haha.  I had to get everything situated with my phone call home for Mother´s Day on Monday so that took a while.  But not much to say anyways this week haha.

Last night, we went to the Benitez family´s house and they made waffles and home made maple syrup for us (2 things very uncommon in Paraguay).  I about died in my seat.  SO good.  And in the packages I got from everyone, I ate the mac ´n cheese already.  Oh boy......sweet sweet heaven in my mouth.  I loved it haha.  Paraguay food is good, and I still like it more and more with the passing time, but there´s just no food like American.

Mom, in your package, you sent a bunch of pencils and stickers.  I gave them to the Primary teacher (sister Benitez), and let me tell you....they freaked out.  The kids LOVED them!!  The adults were even asking for them hahah.  They were all so fascinated by the pencils that said that, "There´s nothing like that here in Paraguay!".  Sister Benitez teaches seminary too, and she had enough to give pencils to her seminary class, and they as well freaked out haha.  They were very much appreciated, and they said to tell you from Lucerito´s primary and seminary classes "Thank you Elder Moore´s mom!!" haha.  Loved it.

Saturday before we started fasting for Fast Sunday, we had a HUUUGE barbecue at the chapel.  I´ll send pictures next week.  It was excellent and I got really fat and ate TONS.  We should start doing that every Fast Sunday haha.  We played ping pong and volleyball too, it was a lot of fun.

My weekly council/message:  Family Home Evening, family scripture study, and family prayer.  Do it, you´ll be blessed in ways you can´t imagine.  FHE every week and family scripture study/prayer every day.  I´ve seen the blessings here, and I know it works.  You´ll all be happier for it.  If you want to be blessed as a family, you need to worship as a family.  Members and non-members alike, you´ll be thankful you did.  If you don´t know what Family Home Evening is, call my dad and he´ll explain it to you (you now have a job Dad haha, sorry).

Ok so that´s it for this week!  Sorry I ran out of time.  Love and miss you all bunches!

-Elder Moore

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