Monday, February 14, 2011

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

So a quick little news before I forget.  Last week, the company that sends us our letters every week lost the envelope for our area.  So Dear Elders from about 3 weeks ago are lost, and if you´ve sent me a letter in the last month or 2, its possible that it got lost as well.  Bleh, drives me nuts.  But what can ya do?

Some better news: we´re having a baptism on Saturday!  She is the sweetest 10-year-old girl I´ve ever seen.  Her name is Luz.  Her mom, her aunt, her 2 uncles, and both her grandparents are inactive members.  Even though they are inactive, they are just an incredible family.  Luz´s mom told me that her daughters tell her how I´m their friend and also how it´s my birthday on the 28th, so she went out and bought me a cake to thank me and to celebrate.  I about cried, it was so nice.  We´re working with Luz´s little sister Asir as well.  She´s 9, and isn´t quite sure if she wants to be baptized yet or not.  But she comes to church with Luz (they come all by themselves), and the Primary has done a fantastic job making them feel part of the ward, so she likes it and I know she´ll come around.  I hope my package with my camera is in the office tomorrow when we go for Zone Conference so I can take pictures Saturday and send them to you guys.  I´m really excited about that.

This week I was sitting in Sacrament meeting, and an idea came to my mind about the first book I want to write.  But it´s a secret as of right now, because I don´t have many details developed yet haha.  But it´s a neat idea.  Not a fiction book with a story line Harry Potter-type thing.  It´s a book about life and things that people just need to know.  It will be interesting to see what I can do with it after the mission.

Ok, to keep going with what I started 2 weeks ago.  I started talking about the Plan of Salvation.  Here is the beginning.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...(haha).

If you want to understand who you are, you need to understand where you came from.  Everybody who has ever lived on this earth and will ever live on this earth existed before the creation of this world.  Your life did not start here on earth.  Each and every one of you lived in something called the pre-existence or pre-earth life.  In this pre-mortal state, you lived as spirit children of your Heavenly Father.  This is very important to understand.  God - the all-powerful, all-knowing Being and Ruler of all creation - is your Father.  There is a saying: I´m not the boss of this world, but I am the Boss´s son.  That is ironically true.  God created each one of us spiritually before we came to this earth, and we are His children.  You walked and talked with Him, You learned from Him, and your character developed to a certain level.

However, this pre-existence was a little bit different than life on earth today.  When we lived with God, we were only spirits.  We did not have bodies of flesh and bones as we have here in this life.  God, however, did (and does) have a body: perfected and glorified, without impurity or imperfections.  We could not continue progressing or become like Him without obtaining a physical body like His and without experiencing mortality.  Thus, He created a plan.  That was stage 1 of the Plan of Salvation.

The plan that He created is what you and I are currently living right now.  The plan had the purpose of making it possible that we become like God our Father and receive eternal life.  The plan was that we would come to earth to experience mortality; this would enable us to learn, progress, and develop.  We would get physical bodies, just like God has.  Only in this way would we be able to become like our Heavenly Father and participate in all the blessings that He enjoys.  The "why" of this I will explain in the purpose of this life.

That is how I know that every one of you lived before with God and are His children.  You heard this plan in a great Council of Heaven.  God presented His plan, called Jesus Christ to be our Savior, and every one of you accepted this plan.  You rejoiced and shouted for joy at the hearing of it, realizing the incredible and eternal possibilities, the blessings that would become available to you (it speaks of this in the book of Job in the Bible).  You got here to this life because you accepted the opportunity to come here and experience mortality.  Knowing where you come from helps you to know who you are and also where you´re going.

In the short time that I have, that is all the brief explanation I can give.  I would love to write more, but an hour is a very short time to do all the things I have to do on the internet.  I love and miss you all, and pray for you daily.

Elder Moore

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