Thursday, February 10, 2011

My New Companion...Another Trainee!!

Hello my family and friends!  Really though, you´re all my family :)

Ok, so I´ve got some good news and some bad news.  I´ll start with the bad so we end on a good note.

Yesterday during changes I met up with Elder Patterson who is in Guarambaré (my old area). Do you remember the story I told you all about, about that old guy (the dad of a member family) who hit my companion when he was drunk and how we had the chance to teach him a few times?  Well, Elder Patterson told me that he died about a month ago.  He was lost for about a week and didn´t come home, and they started to worry.  They started looking for him. 2 or 3 of his grandkids found him behind the cemetary.  He was murdered :(.  Elder Patterson told me that they described the body, and he was brutally murdered.  It was really savage, so I´ll save you the details.  Poor guy.  The family is doing well and continue active in church, thank goodness.  The missionaries are visiting them almost every day.  They are coping well and learning to depend on the Lord, so they are moving on little by little.

Well, on another brighter note, changes were yesterday.  I´m still here in Obrero, but Elder Ponce left already.  One change - his first change - and he´s gone!  Haha.  My new companion...another trainee!  Holy cow, 2 times in a row.  That´s my 4th trainee.  I do say, however, that this one is the best so far.  His name is Elder Caicedo (Ka-ee-se-doh haha).  He is Colombian (my second Colombian trainee!) and he is just awesome.  Very similar to my first Colombian trainee, Elder Martinez.  20 years old, born in the church, oldest of 3 kids.  He has a younger sister and a younger brother.  He is extremely talented and has no fear in sharing the gospel.  This kid came prepared.  There are always things to work on, but really he´s got the basics down pat.  I´m really impressed with his abilities, and I know that we will accomplish a lot together.  I´ll keep you posted on how things go with him.

Ok, so time is short, and I sadly cannot continue with what I started last week.  It will have to wait until Monday.  Sorry!  Love and miss you all very much.  Keep on keepin´ on!

-Élder Moore

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