Monday, April 11, 2011

Wake Up Obrero!

Hey everyone :).  Good to write again this week.  There have been some changes here.

We are 4 missionaries here in Barrio Obrero (2 companionships).  Elder Yañez is in the other half if the area, and he has been here since I got here.  We lived in the same house for 5 1/2 months, and both went through a few companions but us two stayed together haha.  Well, because the amount of missionaries leaving this change is more than the amount that is coming in (and also because of the slower progress of the branch here), some areas have to be closed or joined because there won´t be enough missionaries to cover them.  Unfortunately, the other half of my area is one of them :(.  We got the call from the assistents yesterday, and they´re closing Obrero 1.2 and joining our 2 areas into 1 area.  Now we´re just one companionship here, my companion and I.  Bummer.  Our area just got wayyy big, and we have a lot of area to cover now.  And it´s a lot more lonely with just us 2, because Elder Yañez was a funny guy and we got along really well.  The funny thing is that he went to Republicano, and he´s going to be companions with Elder Ponce, the missionary I trained 2 changes ago who he lived in the house with haha.  There are good things about the change though.  Now we
have unlimited access and visits to all the members of the branch.  This will help a lot.  We´ve decided that we´re going to do whatever we can to baptize here, but if all else fails, we are going to organize this branch and make it function like it should so the future missionaries will have their help and will be able to baptize.  It is going to be hard, but it can definitely be done.  We had a good branch council meeting the other day and talked about a lot of this stuff.  Hopefully the loss of 2 missionaries here will wake them and and realize that the Lord is telling them to WORK!  Haha.  Wake up Obrero!  Also, Elder Yañez was district leader, and he left, so they made me district leader again.  I enjoyed being district leader in my last area, I´m excited to be able to do it again :).  I´ve got some good plans.

We have a baptism in 2 weeks!  His name is Osvaldo.  He is the guy that was going to get baptized a few months ago, he´s the brother of a member here.  I told the story once about how he went to the doctor´s office and before he read his test results he went into the bathroom to pray, and then he felt at ease.  That´s the guy.  He´s great, and I´m really excited for him.  He has stopped drinking for 3 weeks now, and if he stays strong, he´ll be baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday the 24th.  We´re really excited for him, and there are a lot of potential baptisms in the other area that is now ours.  We´ll be wearing our shoes out this week with all the exploring we´ll be doing in the new part of our area.  There is tons to do here, I´m excited to be able to tackle it all :)

This week will be short, because today for some reason the internet cyber is crowded and there is only 1 computer open, so my companion has to wait for me to finish and then get on to write his family.  So I´m going to go ahead and cut it short and let him use the computer now.  But, I love and miss you all!  Hope you have an excellent week, hope to hear from you soon!

-Élder Moore

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