Monday, April 25, 2011

Baptism Of Osvaldo

Where oh where is 2011 going?  Slow it down, speed racer!

Osvaldo was baptized last Saturday!  Oh, it was excellent.  It was raining, and I´m sure I´ve said in the past that when it rains here, the people act like it´s raining fire.  They don´t leave their houses and almost all the businesses shut down.  So I thought nobody was going to come, and I was freaking out.  The two people we had assigned to give short talks called us and bailed out 3 hours before the baptism.  2 hours before, the person who was going to offer the last prayer called to say he wasn´t going to come.  More freaking out.  But, luckily enough, a lot of people ended up coming.  Just not the people who had responsabilities haha.  He, being a bit older and kind of fragile, couldn´t be baptized standing up and being dunked towards his back.  So we brought him a chair, and he was dunked forward sitting down instead of backward.  His head wouldn´t go all the way down, so they ended up doing it a second time sitting down but backward, and he went under.  Took a bit of effort, but he got baptized haha.  And then after that, he got up and gave a beautiful testimony
about how he had looked around various churches that didn´t really do it for him, and how he isn´t a person who ever gets emotional but that night he was emotional.  It was really good.  He said how his family was now united, and the gospel was what united them.  You would have thought had you walked in at that moment that he was the bishop giving a talk at somebody else´s baptism.  It was just really great.  And apart from all that, we had 6 investigators show up too.  They loved it!  That will really help them progress towards their own baptism.  We´re working towards the baptism of 5 young brothers on May 14th and the baptism of a young man that is the only non-member in his family on May 28th.  We´ll see what happens!

This week will be short, because I was uploading the pictures!  Here they are:

1-  Elder Beckett haha
2-  I look like a cartoon character here haha.  But a handsome one ;)
3-  Funny face!
4-  Elder Caicedo and I the day he left
5-  Elder Yañez, Elder Perales, and Elder Cardozo the day they transferred the other companionship :(
6-  Osvaldo´s baptism Saturday!  His family is huge.  The branch president is in the top right corner with glasses
7-  Osvaldo and his brother Juan Carlos, who baptized him
8-  Elder Perales, Osvaldo, Juan Carlos, and me
9-  Us again :)

Enjoy!  Love and miss everyone.

-Élder Moore

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