Monday, August 15, 2011

And Besides, We're Canadian!

Hello family!

This week has been craaaaazy.  Haha.  Oh boy.  To say the very least.  Ups, downs, funny stuff, extremely difficult stuff...all kinds of "stuff"!  But the work goes on.  The branch here is really kicking it into gear in terms of the leaders getting things organized and moving.  We have an excellent, hard-working branch president and an incredible 1st councelor in the district (stake) presidency who is really helping us out.  We have people coming to church - both less active members and investigators - who haven´t come in a long time.  This branch has incredible potential.  The leaders are in place, the missionaries are in place (oh you betcha haha), and we´re ready to get this thing rolling.  It´s about time Rama 1 had some success down here.

Quick funny story to leave you with.  We were walking down the road by the plaza last Friday, and I see this drunk guy across the street just making a B-line right for us.  "Oh this should be interesting" I thought haha.  It

always is with the drunks.  He comes up and stops himself right in front of us (it was broad daylight, like 2:00pm), and this was the jist of our conversation:

"Hi.  What does Joseph Smith say?"  (drunk friend)
-I don´t know, he´s been dead for a long time now.  (me)
"Oh.  Really?  He hasn´t been resurrected yet?"
-Nope, we´re still anxiously waiting.  He´ll show up any day now.
"Oh, because I´ve been resurrected already."
-Is that so?  Congratulations.
"Yeah, I´m Gabriel, the son of Jesus of Nazareth, I´m resurrected already."´re the son of the Son of God?  Hm.  Nice to meet you, I´ll be sure to write this in my journal.
"Jesus Christ appeared to me and told me to wait for Him until He comes."
-Yeah, that´s kind of what he tells everybody.  Read the scriptures.
"Joseph Smith saw Jesus too.  Jesus didn´t say anything to him about me?"
-Nope, sorry, he must have forgotten to mention you.
"Yeah, I know all about the Book of Mormon.  Is the resurrection going to happen in America, or in Paraguay?"
-Well, considering Paraguay IS part of America (being South America), both.  But to make things easier for you, everywhere.
"Oh, ok."  And he walked away haha.

I love drunk encounters.  They are always a good laugh and a good story.  Then there is this one guy who every time we walk by his house, he shouts "George Bush!  George Bush!".  And so last time he did that, my companion shouted "He´s not here dummy!" and I was like "Yeah.  And besides, we´re Canadian!" haha.  Good times in Paraguay.  Love and miss you all.

-Élder Moore

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