Monday, November 23, 2009

I found Chicken Nuggets & Peanut Butter - I'm Saved!!

Hello all!

Thank goodness I figured out how to change the keyboard settings to English, I was tired of typing with the Spanish keyboard layout, holy smokes.

First thing is first - I have fantastic news (probably the greatest news I could ever think of): I found chicken nuggets at the store last week.  Wooo boy!!  Let me tell you, they were delicious.  I don't think chicken nuggets have ever tasted so good.  This week, I also found peanut butter!!  I'm saved!  I bought that with some bread, so I'm going to eat tons of peanut butter sandwiches.  Score.  They have JIF, like good ol' American JIF.  But they also have Paraguayan peanut butter which oddly enough was designed/created at the University of Pennsylvania.  The other Elders told me it was better, so I got that today.  Can't wait to try it when I get home haha.  Peanut butter and chicken nuggets!  I'm getting more accustomed to the food now too, so I'm not sick anymore and can actually eat a meal without wanting to throw up.  Can't say I quite ENJOY it yet, but it's definitely manageable.

So we had a baptism this past Saturday, but it was an 8 year old girl whose parents are both members so it doesn't really count haha.  We're teaching a family and one lady right now who are progressing the most.  They love having us over, they read the Book of Mormon and pray and everything, but we can't get them to come to church!  The family (Johana, Nestor, and their kids Jessica-10, Brisa-7, and Jenni-2) came to church 2 weeks ago and loved it.  Last week some of Nestor's friends showed up drunk at like 7:30am so they couldn't come, and this week we don't know what happened.  They said we could come get them before church like we did 2 weeks ago, and when we went they didn't answer.  Sleeping?  Ditching?  I dunno.  And the lady who is progressing, Lucia, she just won't come.  She likes talking to us and stuff, but I don't know what her deal is.  We always have people to teach and never have to just go out knocking on doors (or clapping behind fences) looking for people, but the people here don't like committments.  A bit lazy, but ah well.

So everybody here drinks a drink called tetere (I think that's how you spell it).  It uses this cup with this special spoon that has a filter with holes at the bottom.  What they do is put this plant stuff in the cup and fill it with cold water from a big cooler jug they always have nearby, and when they drink it the flavor comes but the filter at the end of the straw keeps you from sucking up the plant stuff.  It's pretty cool, the cups all have designs on them and everything.  But EVERYBODY drinks it, I'm not exaggerating.  One of the members told me that the saying is they have one arm around their girlfriend and one arm around their tetere.  Its funny.  When the water is hot, its called mate (mah-tay), but nobody drinks it hot here.  We can't drink it as missionaries, but its not tea or alcoholic or anything so I'm gonna bring some with me when I come home to try haha.

I don't know why, but everyone here loves my backpack.  It's weird lol.  They're always like "we're gonna trade backpacks, yours is sweet" or something lol.  Guess it's just a good old American quality backpack or something.  They all LOVE brownies too.  We made a huge one for the girl that was baptized Saturday, and it was gone in about 4.62 seconds.  The chocolate and ice cream and stuff here is good, but not quite the same as back home =P.

These 2 member sisters, Eli (22) and Miriam (20, going to serve a mission next year) are teaching me Guarani.  It's ridiculously difficult lol.  The words are all just weird sounds, they sound like Tim Allan talk.  It's also very nasal-y.  You make a lot of noises and sounds with your nose.  I'm learning some though!  I'd type the things I know, but I don't know how to make the letters on this keyboard lol.

This morning we played soccer as a district at the church (there is a field in the back).  It was a blast, I can actually keep up with most of the other elders because they're whiteys like me haha.  We had fun though.  After, we went to eat lunch.  Let me warn you: as delicious as the juice you're drinking may be, never chug a liter of it.  BAD idea lol.  I did it this morning, I feel like I'm gonna die.  But it was dang good juice, and I chugged that bad boy.  By the way, for reference, a liter is about a quart.  A little more I believe.

This Thursday, we're doing an activity for the ward (Elder Ganga, I, and the other 2 missionaries that go to the same ward as us).  We're going to cook them hamburgers and play games and stuff.  Should be a lot of fun.

The weather here is about as tempermental as a 12 year old girl (or maybe as much as Madisen even, but that's a stretch).  Haha, by the way happy birthday Julie!  You're old and I miss you :].  But seriously, Sunday morning we were walking to people's houses to bring them to church (without success, bleh) and I about died from heat stroke.  The ward starts at 8, and we got there about 9:30.  When we left at 11, it was storming like crazy.  And it doesn't just rain here, it drops golf balls.  Rain here is huge, it's freaky.  But it's nuts how fast the weather changes.

Not much else here this week.  It was better than last week, I'm doing fine.  Just a few rough days at the beginning is all, everybody gets it.  I'm plugging right along and working hard!  Next week's email, I'll have been in Paraguay for a month!  What the heck?  Time is obviously going much faster for me now lol.  As long as I'm working hard, the days pass quickly.  And I'm happier when we're doing things and not just sitting, because I don't have time to think about anything else.  So all is well, Mom, no need to worry like I know you were this whole week =P.  You're a good mom, making sure your son is ok.  I'm good :].  Until next week!

Love and miss you all,
Elder Moore

P.S. Go Cowboys!!

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