Monday, November 16, 2009

What the Heck kind of Butterfly is that?

Hello everyone!

First things first, Im getting your DearElders within a week or 2, so that is probably the best way to communicate with me.  We only have an hour per day to read all our emails (which we get 3 from the mission), write to the mission president, and write home, so DearElders seem to be best.  Ive gotten a few from you mom and dad and I got one from Katie so far too.  Ill be able to respond via email within a week or 2, depending on when the mail comes.

The other Elders were telling me about this package service that the Post Office does now, I wish I had known about it and been able to tell you before you mailed me the stuff.  Its this box you get, and you stuff as much as you can into it and send it for a flat rate, regardless of what or how much is in it.  Just pack it full and youll pay the same rate every time.  Check that out for next time.  And I only get packages every 6 weeks, so it wont be until next change that you can get pictures when I have my cord.  Send food if youre going to send anything hahah.

Another week down.  Whew.  Its been really difficult this week.  Besides being physically exhausted and all the walking we do, this past week was pretty rough on me.  I started getting really homesick Monday or Tuesday.  Its hard, I really miss you guys.  Im really trying, its just difficult and time passes so slow here for me.  I know that the more I get lost in the work and focus on the people and what Im doing, time will go much faster and Ill be happier, but its hard when you dont understand what the work is saying!  Im workin on the Spanish, and I know it will get better with time, its just hard to know what to do until then, yenno?  It will get better eventually, no need to worry.

Anyway, on a less depressing note, we got to play soccer with the little niƱos on Saturday haha.  Theyre crazy good, made me look dumb.  It was a lot of fun though, the kids here are a blast.  And theres dogs everywhere too....big dogs.  Everybody has one or two dogs, but I dont know why because they dont take care of them or anything.  The dogs are always looking in the street for food, and some of them are mean!  Havent had to kick any dogs yet.  There are no white dogs here either.  If they had white hair when they were born, its a Halloween orange color now from the dirt lol.  Kind of like all my white shirts.

We were at the church on Thursday to clean it, and the scariest thing ever happened to me.  We were standing in the lobby where you walk in, and this short guy walks up and is like hey.  And this guy is BIG.  He could crush my head with one hand it looked like.  He lifts up the front of his shirt, and hes got a gun tucked in his pants!  I was like uhhhh and just looked at the other Elders like what the heck hes got a gun why are we standing here!  And then the guy starts cracking up laughing and the other 2 Elders go shake his hand and laugh too.  Hes a cop, he is one of their investigators who came lol.  I swear, I almost died from a heart attack right on the spot.  Pretty funny.

OH!  So I also had an encounter with an ura the other day.  An ura is a nice little butterfly looking animal here that i like to call, uh, DEATH WITH WINGS.  Its about 6 or 7 inches across, I mean this thing is huge.  It looks like a cross between a butterfly and a moth.  What it does is it like shoots its eggs at you, and if it gets on you, the eggs go into your skin and start eating away at your skin.  You have to go to the pharmacy and get this special stuff to put on it.  If it gets in your eyes, you go blind.  What the heck kind of butterfly is that?!  The Paraguayans all know about them too, they avoid them like the black plague.  You should have seen them, we saw one of these suckers in the chapel and they all started running like a bull was on the loose.  Elder Ganga and I got brooms and killed it.  I hit that sucker mid air, Barry Bonds style.  They thought it was so cool we killed an ura for them lol.  That was an adventure.

I have a few letters written for people, but we have no idea how to get stamps to send them.  The mission office used to send us forms in the weekly mail where we could order stamps and they would send them to us with next weeks mail, but they havent done that for the past 2 or so weeks I heard.  So as soon as I can find some stamps, Ill be able to mail my letters.  Sorry people!

Thats about it this week.  Not much else.  Keep sending the DearElders and Ill keep saving the world.  Keep me posted on Bryce and his papers and call and everything!  Im excited to know.  Alright, until next week!  Love you and miss you all so much.

Elder Moore

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