Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm about as Dark as a Paraguayan!

Hey everyone!  How's it going?  Time again for a weekly news bulletin.  Can you believe it's been a month already that I've been in Paraguay?  What definitely doesn't feel like it.  As of Wednesday, I'll have 3 months of my mission under my belt.  Crazyyyyyy.

Anywho, I get to call home this month!  Wahoo!  Christmas day we get to talk for 30 or 40 minutes, I'm super stoked for that.  I don't know if you have to call me, or if I call you, or how it works.  I'll find out and be sure to let you know before-hand so we can have something set for sure.

Ok, so every month we take out our 750,000 Guaranies for money here.  Today is technically still November, but we got to take it out today.  Guess how much money I had left over from last month?  5,000 Gs, which is about a dollar in America hahah.  But it's alright, because I shouldn't ever be that low again.  For one, I only got to take out 600,000 the first month (who knows why) so I was already short.  And also, Elder Ganga ran out of money this month about the beginning of last week (he had to buy stuff for our apartment), so I was paying for all the bus rides instead of splitting them with him.  Ended up being an extra expense of about 35,000 Gs.  So no need to worry about my money situation, all is well.

If you didn't guess already, I'm about as dark as a Paraguayan now from the sun lol.  Well, kinda.  My arms below my sleeves and my face are dark.  But without a shirt, I'm still white as a ghost hahah.  I took a picture of the difference, it's amazing.  I'll be sure to send it when I get my camera cord.

So every week we have dinner with the Insaurralde Family.  They're pretty much filthy rich by Paraguayan standards.  They're all members, and the dad is the second councelor in the stake presidency.  Usually the food is amazing, but this week...yikes haha.  Meat, beans, beets, carrots, tomatoes, and eggs.  The meat was on its own, but the other stuff was all mixed up.  I could stomach the beans, and even the beets (something is seriously wrong with me...I ate a vegetable), but I just couldn't eat it lol.  They weren't in the room, so Elder Ganga was like "they're gonna get offended if you don't eat just because you don't like it".  So I tried to eat more, but about threw up at the table lol.  So I decided to fake sick.  Hey, better to fake sick than to actually GET sick and throw up all over their table.  This is a skill I have pretty much mastered.  I asked where the bathroom was, went and hung out in there for a while, walked out with my perfected sick face and sick walk, and sat down.  I told them I wasn't feeling well, and usually that does the trick.  But the lady who cooks the food saw that I had eaten all my meat and was like "do you want more beef?"  Well heck yeah I wanted more beef because it was delicious, but I had to sell the sick thing so I said no.  Then she walked away, came back, and asked if I wanted some watermelon.  I could tell she was gonna be offering me stuff until I accepted, so I said no to the watermelon but yes to the previous offer of beef (making sure to say "just a little little bit", still trying to keep up the sick schtick).  So she smiles like she just won the lottery and comes back with more beef....and watermelon too.  I swear, these people aren't happy unless you eat until your eyes pop out.  I felt bad because she was being really nice and wanted me to feel better, so I even ate some of the watermelon so she wouldn't feel bad.  There was a ton of watermelon though, a fatty plate and I ate maybe one of the pieces, so she packed it up for me and gave to me to take home haha.  That family is awesome, they're really nice.  But that's the food story for this week, now you know about my sick schtick =P.

Still having troubles getting people to come to church.  We always have 2 or 3 families say they're going to come, and every single time, they either call us on Saturday night saying they can't come or they just aren't there when we go to get them before church Sunday morning.  Ah well, what can ya do?  We'll figure something out.

Anyway, no more time for this week.  Hope all is well back in the states and everybody is doing alright!  I miss you all dearly and love you all.

-Elder Moore

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