Monday, January 11, 2010

Nothing short of a Miracle

I never know what to put for the subject, so I figure I'll just start putting the date haha.  Easier that way.  Oh, and how funny that last week I told Julie and Cliff to get goin on the Dear Elders, and yesterday I got one from them in the mail hahah.  Thank you!  :D

So this week was great - we had a baptism on Saturday!  It was Eli Centurin.  Well we didn't baptize her, her son did (her kids are members, he is a return missionary and its his mom so we let him do it).  She's the lady who has been going to church for years but could never be baptized because she's living with her kids' father and he would never get married.  Well, with a lot of work on our part and even more help from the Lord, he finally agreed.  I can't tell you for how many weeks we've been fasting and praying for them.  She has been too.  It was nothing short of a miracle that this guy agreed to be married so she could be baptized.  He drank every single day, he was always angry and never said 2 words to his family in the house, didn't want anything to do with the church, and was just plain unhappy.  And then one day about 2 weeks ago, Eli told us that he stopped drinking so much and was actually friendly and talking to his family like they had been a close family for years.  What changed?  We had tried to talk to him before without success.  They all had tried to talk to him without success.  When we started praying and fasting together for him, only then did everything start to work out.  Katie told me in a Dear Elder once about a part in the Bible she was reading for a core humanities class in school that talked about faith, and how faith conquers all.  I've learned that lesson first-hand.

We have this week that's just regular, but next week on Wednesday we have interviews with President Callan.  I'm way stoked, he's awesome.  And then the next day on Thursday we have Zone Conference, which will be amazing as well.  Then we week after that on Tuesday and Wednesday is changes, so we'll see if I stay here or if I go somewhere else.  I think I'll stay here though, but the Lord knows what the people need so we'll see.  So next week on Monday you'll get an email from me like usual, but the following week it will be on Thursday like last time.  It will be like that every week of changes, every 6 weeks.

Anyway, here's some pictures that I got to work!
1 - Baptism: Elder Ganga, David (her son who baptized her), Hermana Eli, Enrique her younger son, Patricia her daughter, and yours truly.
3 - My teachers from the MTC.  Random, but it's a picture lol.  Hermano Soelberg (the blonde one) was the coolest guy ever, such a stud.  And Hermano Latimer was a genius, he was cool too.

Miss you all and love you all.  Talk to you next week!

-Elder Moore

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