Monday, January 18, 2010

PIZZA HUT oh yeah!

Hey everyone!  Before I forget, next week is changes again, so I'll be emailing on Thursday instead of Monday.  So don't worry when you don't have any notice from me on Monday, I'll still be alive...hopefully =P

This week wasn't so great in terms of missionary work.  Not because I'm sad or having a bad time or anything, we just couldn't do very much work.  On Tuesday, I was sick with the flu and we didn't leave the house.  If you're clever, you remembered that it's summer in Paraguay and 110 degrees out.  But don't ask me how I got the flu in the middle of summer, I have no idea.  It's the magic of Paraguay.  And then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Elder Ganga was sick and we didn't leave either except for a few hours one of the days.  Kinda a bummer, but what can ya do?  We don't really know what he has.  He has a major headache that comes and goes every so often, but he says its really bad.  It's something else though, we're not quite sure.  We have interviews with the mission president this Wednesday, so we'll ask him what we should do then.  I already gave him a blessing, so we're just waiting for him to feel better.

All is still well though.  We have a few investigators we're planning to baptize in February.  One lady is really awesome, Ana Martinez.  She's like 25 or so, 30 at the oldest (I can't really tell ages just by looking at people yet lol).  She just had her baby 2 weeks ago today, so she hasn't been able to go to church yet or anything.  But we visit her 3-4 times a week.  The day she was in the hospital, we went to her house and gave her husband a Book of Mormon to give to her when she gets back.  The next time we went to visit her, she was already reading it.  That's like...a miracle in Paraguay lol.  We're working really hard with her especially, so hopefully this next month she'll be able to get baptized. was just awesome.  For more reasons than one :]
The whole zone went to a place called Itaipu.  It's a dam, among other things.  There's a zoo there and other stuff, but we just went on the dam tour (hehe.  I'm a missionary and I said dam tour).  There were buses we rode in and we stopped at a few places to take pictures, and there was a guide to tell us what everything was.  And it was all free!  Sweet, huh?  Only in Paraguay, I guess =P.  Got more Dear Elders today, and another from Julie so that was awesome haha.  Guess I'm getting them now Juls!  :] anyway, not much time so I'll try to upload some pictures now before I go.  Love and miss everyone, I'll write again on Thursday!

All pics - Itaipu where we were today.  Before we went to PIZZA HUT oh yeah.

-Elder Moore

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