Monday, January 4, 2010

We're going to a Zoo!

Hey everybody!

I need Josh's email so I can forward these emails to him too, so if you could get it from him for me and email it to me that would be great.

This week was good!  We have a baptism this Saturday, we're baptizing Eli, the lady I told you about who her kids are members but not her husband and she had to get married.  Elder Ganga and I talked to her husband and as of right now, everything is good to go.  We just need to make sure he follows through with the marriage, I'm crossing my fingers.  And then we have another guy named Eulogio who has a baptismal "fecha" (date) planned for the 23 of January, so we're working hard with him too!  We're trying to get his wife to be baptized on the same day, but she isn't quite as receptive as he is.  We'll keep working.

Later today we're going to a zoo with some less active members.  Yesterday we were standing outside their house for half an hour at 7:30 in the morning trying to wake them up to go to church.  They haven't been in a couple years.  We figured that if we bugged them enough, they would eventually wake up and just go with us to get us to leave them alone haha.  It worked though, they went :].  Afterwards, they were so thankful that we were persistant in getting them to church, it looks like they'll start going again.

Wow, I can't believe we're already halfway through my second change.  3 more weeks and we have changes again, that's crazy.  Elder Ganga is probably going to leave this change, because he has been here for 4 changes in a row (6 months) and that's a long time for a missionary.  We're not sure though, nothing is for sure until the day of.  Heavenly Father could have more work for him to do here.  But I feel that he's going to go.  I'm the first companion he has had for more than 1 change, so I feel like Heavenly Father kept me with him so I could know this area and the members well enough to take over the great work he's done here.  We'll see what happens in 3 weeks.

Not much new here.  That's awesome that Bryce almost has sent his papers in!  I'll try to get a letter out to him next week.  And Taylor too!  Tell him I said congratulations!  That's so awesome.  A mission is a great experience, as hard as it is.

Speaking of mail, they're changing the system a bit.  It used to cost 7mil to send a letter to the US and took like 4-6 weeks.  Now they cost 9mil per letter, but no matter what they'll get there in 10 days.  Good trade-off, I think.  I'll be able to write to people faster (not that I have time to write people anyways haha, but yenno).  I'd love to get a Dear Elder or something from Julie and Cliff too, so tell them I said to get their lazy butts in gear and remember their favorite nephew thousands of miles away!  Haha.  Not much else here, hope all is well at home.

Love and miss you all!!

-Elder Moore

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