Monday, April 12, 2010

Rules are Rules, Follow Them:)

Hey everyone!  So not much time this week either, just a few quick notes for everyone and next week I´ll put in something really sweet that I learned.

First, changes are next week - how quickly they´ve come!  So that means my P-day will be on Thursday, and you´ll get an email with everything that happened next week on Thursday instead of Monday like usual.

Second, we got a list of revised rules from President Callan.  As of now, only my family is allowed to send me emails.  My parents, brothers, and grandparents.  Anybody else who wants to communicate with me, please send me Dear Elders or letters.  Dear Elders really are better for me anyway for those who are not family, I have more time to read those and they´re more convenient for me.  Sorry if it´s an inconvenience, but rules are rules!  Follow them :)

Also, something crazy that I just realized is that I´ll be calling home in about a month.  Whaa?  I just called home last week at Christmas time!  Way excited for that :)  Mother´s Day!

Lastly...I have pictures!  We changed our email system, so I can attach more than 3 pictures at a time now.  Exciting!  Enjoy :)

Love and miss you all,
-Elder Moore

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