Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Companion, Elder Silva

Hey everyone!

So not much time, only about 10 minutes left, so I´ll be quick.  It´s because I was picking out all these pictures to send!

First things first, we had changes this week.  I´m still in Lucerito, no surprise there.  But Elder Laughter got changed!  He is now in Zone 5 Area Ka´aguy Rory (don´t even try to pronounce it lol).  He was district leader here, and he got bumped up to zone leader!  What a stud.  Nobody else in our district got changed.  My new companion is Elder Silva.  He´s from Costa Rica.  Pretty sweet, huh?  He´s really cool, really tranquilo.  Solid missionary too.  We should do well together.

I don´t know if I´ve already said this, but I didn´t ever get Bishop Leavitt´s package :(.  Bummer.  If he´s sent any letters too, I haven´t gotten those either.  But I did get your 2 packages and the package from Gaga and Papa.  Thank you all so much!  I´m gonna eat so well hahah.  The best part were the pictures though, thank you guys!  I have been showing off my family to everyone now =P.  I love it, thanks!

Sheesh, already out of time, still have to write President Callan.  But I hope everyone enjoys the pictures!  I´ll try to start taking more.  Love and miss you all!

-Elder Moore

0089 - Elder Laughter, crazy hermana Paola who thinks she´s the prophet, and her daughter
0086 - Us with the Benitez family - they´re so awesome, like my family away from home
0072 - The street in front of our house
0088 - Benitez family (he´s the stake president)
0093 - again
0098 - a scorpion we found in the street on the way to a meeting at church, so we picked it up and took it to the church to take a picture haha
0102 - Elder Laughter on his last day here scooping out of the 10kilos of ice cream we bought
0109 - Benitez family
0110 - Me and Elder Laughter on his last day here
0116 - My sweet sweet package that mom sent me
0118 - Me and my new comp Elder Silva

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