Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Part of the Ride

Well, today is a horribly sad day for me.  I got special changed out of Guarambaré.

There was a companionship in another area that had some kind of problem and they chose me to replace one of them.  They just called me today, I didn´t have time to say goodbye to anybody at all.  I had just left a leadership meeting with the zone leaders and another district leader in a different area and they called me and said come to the office as soon as possible.  So I went home, packed, got a taxi, and left.  I cried the whole morning.  I don´t think I´ve been so sad in my whole mission.  I had plans to say goodbye to everybody and leave them letters and everything, and I couldn´t visit even one of them.  It´s no coincidence that I felt the need to bear my testimony yesterday for the last time in Guarambaré.  I knew I was going to be leaving, but during regular changes next week, so it would be the last time to talk to everybody as a group and bear my testimony.  I think I bore my most heartfelt testimony I ever have, and I felt especially inspired to thank them for all they´ve done for me here and that I love them all.  And today I´m gone.  The Lord really blessed me though, He knew how I feel, because while we were sitting at the taxi stop waiting for it to arrive, 3 members passed by and saw me crying, so I at least got to talk to 3 and say goodbye to them.  You really get so accustomed to these people that it´s so hard to leave - especially without saying goodbye.  It´s been a really rough day for me.

About 2 hours ago, I got to my new area.  I´m in a place called Barrio Obrero.  It´s toootally city.  Bleh.  I´m with an Elder Avendaño from Mexico.  He seems nice so far.  Not quiet, so that´s good, but not obnoxious either.  I don´t know if I´m staying here permenantly or just until normal changes come.  Who knows.  I don´t like the city.  Maybe I´m just bitter because I didn´t want to leave Guarambaré...heh.  But that´s how things go.  I just have to keep going on and teaching the people, doing the will of the Lord.  Next week are real changes, so I´ll be writing again on Thursday.  I´ll update everyone on how it is here.

I promised everyone the story of a dream that I had, so here it goes.  Bryce and I (not Elder Pierce, just Bryce - he wasn´t a missionary yet) were in some weird western amusement park/theme park kinda thing.  There was a roller coaster thing, but it looked like mining cars just with normal seats and no straps or bars or anything to hold you down.  We got in the front car (of course) and started going fairly slowly up this mountain.  We were getting close to the top, and all of the sudden the cars curve off the track and go over the edge.  As we start to fall, Bryce and I jump off and land on a huge rock nearby.  We watch everybody go down, thinking that they´re all going to die.  Then we see the cars turn and wind and stuff and realize that it´s just part of the roller coaster.  For some odd reason, my friend Lacey showed up on a rock above where we were, and was like "Sometimes it seems like we´re falling when really it´s just part of the ride."

I think that´s how life is sometimes.  Sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong and everything is falling, but really it´s just part of the ride.  Sometimes we think we´re falling or failing or not good enough, but really it´s just part of the ride.  We just need to stick it out, trust in the Lord that He knows what´s going on, and hold on tight.  Don´t bail out early.  It´s just part of the ride - enjoy it.

I´ll try to apply my own advice.  I hope this is just part of the ride.

-Elder Moore

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