Monday, November 22, 2010

The Lord is Taking Good Care of Me

Short on time this week.  Obrero is still good.  I´m slowly but surely getting used to it.  There are some excellent members here, so that really helps me make the transition.  Even better, we have 3 EXCELLENT families that we are teaching, one of the which we put a baptism date with yesterday for the 10th of December.  I´ll focus my next email on the investigators and stuff that I have here.  The Lord is taking good care of me.

I just want to tell a story that happened to us on Sunday.  It was the afternoon, and we were walking to a teaching appointment.  We were just half a block away from the house, and it was raining like crazy (which is really odd for this time of year).  A taxi pulls up beside us really slowly and rolls down his window.  There´s 2 guys inside, and the taxi driver was like "Elders!  Get in, I´ll take you where you´re going.  You´re going just right here to the church right?  I´ll take you there, just get in" and he reached and opened up the back door.  I felt one of the strongest urges I´ve ever felt that told me that under no circumstances should we get in that car.  It was weird that he offered to take us to the church that was just 2 blocks away, and we were just half a block

away from our appointment, so we said "No, we´re just going right here on the corner, but thanks" and he interrupted us and was like "No no it doesn´t matter, I´ll take you, just get in, get in!!" and we just politely denied him again and closed his back door.  He suddenly got angry and was like "you idiots don´t believe in God, you´re corrupting the people here" and all this stuff with a few other not-so-nice words.  Turns out that he wanted to get us in the car because he apparently was strongly against Mormons and who knows what they were planning to do had we gotten in the car.  I´m thankful that the Spirit urged me so strongly and protected us from the danger that we surely would have been in had we not listened.  I´m thankful that we were already so close to our teaching appointment so it was much easier to deny his offer - who knows if we would have accepted him had we been farther away.  I noticed afterwards that when he said he would take us to the church, he pointed in almost the opposite direction and had no idea where the church was nor any intentions of taking us there.  I´m so thankful for the Holy Ghost in my life and that my Heavenly Father takes such good care of me and watches over me.

I love you all, sorry it´s so short this week.  Miss everyone, and have a happy Thanksgiving this week!

-Elder Moore

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