Thursday, May 5, 2011

Encarnacion - Nauvoo Paraguay

Alright, I can´t lie.  I am beyond excited to see you guys on SKYPE this Sunday!  I mean, phone calls are awesome, but SKYPE is just taking it to a whole other level.  Taking it up a notch, thanks for the quote Chef Emril.  Yes, we have permission again to use Skype.  This will be my last phone call home.  I know I say this every time, but it really is weird.  I´ve had my last General Conference on my mission, I´ll be having my last phone call on the mission this Sunday, and next month will be my last temple trip on the mission.  But let´s not talk about the end of my mission, I don´t like that subject.  Changing to happier things :)

So this week were changes, and I got changed.  I left Obrero after 6 months (holy cow, I do not miss packing and unpacking my life in a suitcase...), and I´m now in what I imagine will be my last area.  It is a city called Encarnación, and I´m absolutely in love with it.  It´s like when I went to Reno and fell in love with it from day 1, it´s the same thing.  This city is amazing.  It is similar to Obrero, but a little bit more city-ish.  I am on the banks of the river that separates Paraguay from Argentina, so you can call it Nauvoo Paraguay haha.  My companion

is Elder Alvarez.  I already know him because we lived together in Lucerito (my second area) for 4 months haha, so it´s really cool that I get to be his last companion.  I´ll actually be his last companion because this is his last change in the mission.  I´m still district leader, so that´s good.  Also what´s funny is my first companion from Guarambaré (Elder Alexander) is the zone leader here haha so I get to see and work with him again.  I´m really excited to be here in Encarnación - I have a feeling it will end up being my favorite area.  But we´ll see.  I´ll send pictures on Monday of my last days in Obrero.

Next Saturday, May 14th, is Paraguay´s 200th birthday!  I bought a sweet shirt to have as a memorial.  Couldn´t resist getting one; a 200th birthday only happens once every 200 years yenno .  I´m still trying to figure out how we´re going to effectively work that day, because everybody will either be at an event or drunk.  But I know we´ll figure it out.  But anyway, sorry to cut it short, but time´s up.  I love and miss you all, and I´ll see some of you on Sunday!

-Élder Moore

P.S. The two coolest missionary scriptures ever: Moroni 9:6 and D&C 24:7-9

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