Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Time Teaching Sunday School

Hello all!

So, this week there are some good things to report.  Let´s get down to business.

Last Tuesday, Alcides got baptized!  It was a great service with a lot of people there.  His brother baptized him.  They moved to a different branch the next day (which we knew was going to happen beforehand), but I talked to the Elders of Rama 2 (one of which is Elder Alexander, my old companion from Guarambaré) and they said he got confirmed on Sunday and he´s just happy as a clam.  I´ll write him a little note today.

My new comanion is Elder Salinas.  He is awesome!  He is from Idaho, and is the oldest child in his family.  Despite his Latin last name, he is as white as can be haha.  Actually, he is a redhead (shoutouts to Elder Pierce!  Love you Elder!)  His grandpa is from Mexico, hence the last name.  But his mom was Miss Idaho, so he´s pretty darn American haha.  He´s just a great friend already.  He wrestled since he was 4 years old, so we talked about that for a bit too.  We clicked pretty fast, and we´re working harder than ever.  I´ve never worked so hard or been so focused on my mission, and I´m glad I get to help him start out his mission on a good note.
 Or, at least I hope I can.  He´s learning Spanish quickly, and will be able to speak fluently within a month or 2.  Today I made him start speaking to me completely in Spanish outside of the apartment haha.  I know we´ll have some baptisms in the time we´re together.

We are going to the temple tomorrow!  Finally!!!  I have been waiting quite unpatiently for some time now, and finally we get to go.  I´ve already got that family name that Dad sent me ready to go in my bag, so that will be a special experience for me.  We leave tonight at 12:30 in the morning to get on a bus to Asunción, and we´ll come back tomorrow night.  I miss the temple so much, I´ve been dying to go.  I´ll be going every week for the rest of my life.  If I could have one calling in the entire world, it would be a temple worker.  That would be one of the greatest blessings Heavenly Father could ever give me, I could do that for the rest of my life.  I´m excited to go.

Yesterday because of Father´s Day, there were very few people at church.  I had to teach Sunday School because the teacher didn´t show up.  It was my first time in my entire life teaching Sunday School!  I have taught Gospel Principles tons of times with investigators, but never Sunday School!  The branch president came up to me 5 minutes before the class and handed me the manual asking if I could teach the class.  I accepted and looked it over very quickly to prepare at least a little.  When I got up to start the class, I told everyone what lesson we were on, and they all told me that it was another one that we were supposed to do, so I had to change it on the spot haha.  But I realized that I LOVE teaching.  I would love to be a seminary teacher or Gospel Doctrine teacher or any kind of teacher in the church.  I just loved it.  It was a good experience.

Alright, time´s up because we´ve got to eat lunch still and study for 2 hours!  It´s getting late!  Love and miss you all!!

-Élder Moore

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