Monday, June 27, 2011

The Priesthood Of God

Hello all my friends and family!  I love you all.

So I´m short on time this week, and the only real news this week is that the temple last week was beyond amazing.  You have no idea how good it felt to be back there after 8 months.  I felt really special to be able to complete the work for the ancestor that Dad sent me to do.  I felt that he was very thankful for what has been done for him on the part of my dad and me, and that he gratefully accepted the work done on his behalf.  He´ll be waiting for us on the other side of the veil I´m sure, and I´m excited to meet him.

Yesterday in Priesthood meeting, we were going over the talk from the last General Conference Priesthood Session given by President Monson about (of course) the Priesthood.  I had read over it before the class, and I really came to understand a lot better what the Priesthood is.  I´ll try to explain it so that those who are not
members of our church can understand it, as well as primary children.

President Monson says in that talk something along the lines of "the Priesthood is not so much a gift as it is a commission to serve."  That is really what I came to understand of it all. The Priesthood of God is a covenant.  It is a sacred office - a task - to which we are assigned.  It is a promise we make with our Heavenly Father, with promised blessings attached for obedience.  It is a sacred commission, a privilege, and an opportunity.  The Priesthood is a commission to serve.  Simply that.  To serve others righteously and with worthy dignity.  In order to do that, the Lord gives us with His Priesthood the power and authority of the heavens.  We, in that office and charge, have the right to access and exercise all powers of heaven: to heal the sick; to seal families; to receive revelation; to baptize, confer the gift of the Holy Ghost, prophesy, and administrate the Church; to speak in tongues; and every gift and key known to man to better facilitate that service to others and make their burdens light.  As we do all these things righteously and serve our fellow man, we bring blessings to their lives and the lives of their families, and we fulfill our side of the bargain.  And then Heavenly Father fulfills His promise by giving us everything He has.  It´s as simple as that.  If we serve our fellow man and fulfill the responsabilities, God promises us every blessing of which he enjoys.  It is the grace of God that saves us, but it is the Priesthood that exalts us.  What a blessing!

I would that every man and woman fulfill his or her part in Priesthood service (and yes, women, you do have an enormous role in Priesthood service).  Lift somebody´s spirits today.  Do something nice for someone.  Help somebody in a time of need.  You will feel the love and approval of the Lord in your life as you do this and fulfill your Priesthood duties.  I love and miss you all!

-Elder Moore

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