Monday, June 13, 2011

Training Again! Hot Dog!

Another week down.  Goes by quicker and quicker every time!

Ok, so I think I wrote last week about a family who was going to get married and baptized last Saturday.  The girl was a bit nervous about getting married, and we were praying for them to accept the challenge and make the right decision.  Well, we went to visit them, and they had talked and prayed (, huh?), and fully accepted the committment of getting married.  She said "I´m going to sacrifice myself and get married" hahah.  Perfect.  The only problem was they want a fancy wedding with dinner, a dress, and all the bells and whistles.  This will cost them money that they don´t have, so they told us they are going to start saving and then get married (and baptized) a few months.  Quack.  So what I was worried about turned out not to be a problem, she accepted the marriage idea, but just a little too much hahah.  We´re working with them talking about the importance of getting baptized and not waiting, and that the real marriage worth celebrating formally will be in 1 year when the enter in the temple and get sealed as a family for time and all eternity.  We´ll see how they take that.  But they are so great, I just love them.

So this week my companion finishes his mission (side note: even though this week is changes, P-days are now

always going to be on Monday and will never switch to Thursday on change week).  Thus, I will be getting a new companion.  The zone leaders called me this morning and told me that I´ll be training again!  Hot dog!  I
am beyooond excited.  And what´s even better: a new training program that comes from the Quorum of the Twelve for trainers and new missionaries will be implemented starting this change, so I´ll get to do that as well!  ANDDD from now on, trainers will stay with their missionaries for 2 changes minimum, not just 1 like it was in the past.  And guess how many changes I have left (if anyone doesn´t know, ask my mom.  She´s counting.)?? TWO!  So I´ll finish my mission training a new missionary.  Isn´t that the coolest thing?  I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity.  I´m going to train this one to be the champ (not like I didn´t try my best with my other 4 trainees, but yenno).  So that is the exciting news for this week - and the next 12 weeks.  I´ll let everyone know who he is and what he´s like next week!

This week, I had planned on writing about a thought I had that came to me during the Sunday School class yesterday, but I had problems with the email system and my email to President Callan last week and this whole big mess, so I spent most of my time on the phone with the mission office trying to get it straightened out.  Whew.  But now, my little lesson will have to wait.  Bummer, because it´s pretty nifty.  But you´ll get it next week!  And B, you´ll get your story next week as well, I didn´t forget.  Love and miss you all!

-√Člder Moore

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