Monday, May 23, 2011

How I Love My 3 Hermanas

Grr.  So I finally got to a cyber where they allow me to upload photos onto the computer so I can send them to you.  But before I attach them in an email, I have to make them smaller so they actually get to you.  Or else I´d have to send them 4 at a time because the files are too big.  Well, turns out these computers don´t have the program I need to change the image size.  Ugh!  The guy who works here was messing with it for like half an hour and wasted my time!  Gah.  And now I have 10 minutes to write again - without pictures!  Bleh.

The only real news is that I got a reeeeally cool letter today!  Hermana Sargent, Hermana Green, and Hermana Denker (the 3 Sisters from my MTC district) wrote me today!  They wrote all the Elders from our MTC district.  This past week, Hermana Sargent came back to Paraguay with her family to visit for a few days.  Cool, huh?  She´s awesome.  Apparently she brought the letters from each of them to the mission office, and they sent them out.  It was an incredible spirit-lifter happy-maker to hear from them haha.  How I love my 3 Hermanas :).  It is
weird that they´re home and telling stories about what they´re doing and stuff like that haha.  They went to the temple, Hermana Sargent is already working in the marketing department of some nationwide company (if she happens to be reading this...I hope you don´t mind that I´ve announced to the world what you´re doing now haha), all kinds of stuff.  It was such a huge blessing to hear from them.  I´m excited to see them.  Our MTC district is going on a Disney Cruise when the rest of us get home.  It is going to be awesome.  Mom and Dad, I don´t know if you already knew that or not, but now you do :) haha.

Ok, what I´m going to do is stop here so I have a few minutes left on the internet where I can go to another cyber and see if I can upload the pictures there.  So love and miss you all!  Can´t wait to see everyone.

-Élder Moore

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