Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Round of Letters

Wow, it was so great to see and talk to everyone yesterday on Skype.  A nice little motivation to hold me over until the my end of my mission!  To those I didn´t get to talk to, I love and miss you all too haha.  I´m sending out my last round of letters this change (besides letters I´ll respond to if someone writes me), because if I wait too much longer, chances are you won´t have time to write me back haha.  So if you want to write me and want a response from me, better do it now!

This area is probably my hardest in terms of challenges and things we have to do.  But still my favorite =P I´m glad I have a lot to do.  The members here seem good, but the normal church attendence is about 20 people.  Yikes!  Lots of work to do, I'm really glad I´ll be busy until the end of my mission.  Elder Alvarez and I came up with some really good, solid plans to help out the members here and start generating some activity.  We´re first going to
teach them certain things so they feel trained and confident enough to help us in the work.  Then we´ll get them animated and do some activities with them, plan a big ward night activity or something.  We have a lot planned, so I´ll keep you all updated on how it´s going.

Grr, this dumb cyber doesn´t let me save pictures on the computer so I can upload them onto an email.  It´ll have to wait until next week.  And I spent all my time trying to fix it.  Bleh.  Next week I will go to a different cyber so I can have time to upload pictures and write you a good letter.  So that´s it for this week haha.  Sorry!  Love and miss you all!

-Élder Moore

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