Monday, May 16, 2011

I've Got A Legacy To Uphold

Hello everyone!

This week has been good.  Started off kind of rough though, because I had to travel to Asunción on Tuesday to sign my immigration papers to maintain temporary residence here (now they CAN´T kick me out...haha), so that took the whole day and we lost that day of proselyting.  We had some good experiences this week in terms of lessons and such.  There is Gloria (the daughter of a recently re-activated member) who has a baptism date for next week, so I´m way excited about that.  She turns 9 that week, and she is just the cutest little girl.  Very smart, likes to draw, and loves Primary (even though there are only like 4 Primary-aged kids in this branch haha).  So that should happen next week.  Then we came in contact with a member who got baptized with his wife about a year and a half ago who just moved into our area, so we´re helping them get situated and into the habit of coming back to church.  There are some great things that can happen here in the next few weeks.  The only difficulty is that we´re a little nervous about inviting investigators to church here haha.  We have church from 8:30-11:30, and Sacrament meeting is the last hour.  We only invite investigators to Sacrament meeting so they show up at 10 haha.  The problem is that there are so few active members here (about 20) and they almost all come late.  When 8:30 came yesterday, there were 2 members who had
showed up on time.  Who wants to bring an investigator to a church with only 2 people?  They´ll never come back haha.  But it´s a process.  We´re working on it.  We´re visiting all the members often and training them a bit on the way things need to work.  Kinda kills our numbers because leccions to active members don´t count for anything, but it´s a worthy sacrifice because it will have huge benefits in the long run.

I got my last package last week :).  Thanks for all the food and candy haha.  I just wanted to mention how thankful I am to have received those letters from Grandpa David´s family.  I read what every one of you wrote, and I´m really thankful that you guys did that.  Honestly, I don´t remember who any of you are haha, but I was touched nonetheless and I will meet you all when I get home!  I´ll make a special trip to visit you all, I promise.  And it was really cool to learn that my great great great uncle was Samuel Smith!  I´ve got a legacy to uphold here, let´s get to work!

This week is Paraguay´s 200 year of independence (specifically Saturday and yesterday).  Today the schools, public officers, and other groups are all marching in the streets with flags and music and all kinds of stuff.  It is really cool.  And then I thought "how weird...when the US turns 300, I could be alive still!" hah.  But anyway, I tell you that because the cybers are packed with people talking to their families on the internet.  There aren´t 2 open computers, so we´re sharing one.  That means I have to be quick end wrap it up already.  Seems like something has always got in the way these past few weeks...bleh.  But when I have my full hour without complications, you will get photos and a long email!  I love and miss you all.

-Élder Moore

"And if ye believe on his name ye will repent of all your sins, that thereby ye may have a remission of them through his merits."  Helaman 14:13

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